Technique Workshops

YOU MATTER. How you impact society is on YOU.

What happens when  you truly put yourself first?

SELF-ish Lifestyle thrives on inspiring, motivating, and teaching individuals through specific practical techniques to implement and incorporate in their everyday life, leading them to discover and benefit from the elite version of themselves.

Most importantly, The objective

Today, we live in a stressful society that drives us to move fast and hard.

This work work work mentality leaves us anxious, exhausted, under pressure, and unappreciated resulting in a misaligned view of SELF.

Do you trust the voice inside your head?

Do you want to be able to work smarter?

Do you deserve a better quality of life?

Do you know the elite version of you?

Krista helped me to see that as a school counselor in NYC, I need to clear my mind before tackling my day at work in order to work most effectively with my students. She gave me some practical techniques that I can use to prepare myself mentally while riding on my commuter bus so that I walk into school ready to be the best counselor I can be.
— Jessica White, School Counselor, NYC Department of Education

The Divine Within

Rejuvenate | Review | Renew

I attended this workshop and left instantly energized and enlightened. Krista’s techniques and focus on a “self-ish” lifestyle has opened my eyes to seeing the importance of finding the perfect work life balance. As a Project Manager in Finance/IT I was able to apply the techniques we learned right away and have made a tremendously impact in dealing with everyday stresses and releasing negative energy. The workshop was definitely worth the time and money. I learned so much and will be back for the next one.
I encourage anyone who is considering attending the workshop or seeing Krista take the plunge and listen to your inner self. Her spirit is powerful and her no nonsense messages and insight are priceless.
— Emmaluz Tiongson

The objective & course outline

1. Learn to discern and trust your intuition better.

2. Determine what a “Quality of Life” means to you.

3. Practice specific breath work to introduce a renewed, grounded and
balanced energy.

4. Gain the ability to discern physiological differences when in stress or

5. Implement practical coaching techniques in one’s life immediately.

6. Apply physical techniques to cultivate, move, and regulate Divine Qi/Energy.

7. Know your own unique energetic blueprint to honor and imprint in the

8. Leave as the Divine version of YOU.


F.A.C.E Technique

Focus | Align | Commit | Execute

I attended Krista’s F.A.C.E. Technique Workshop in early June. I left feeling validated, honored and rejuvenated. Her raw, honest & vibrant energy coupled with the varied techniques kept the participants engaged, calm and motivated. Krista helped me to identify areas of weakness and her F.A.C.E. technique fostered a plan for me to take action even after the workshop. As a mental health provider, I would recommend you sign up for her service if you are looking for a holistic way to release internal tension and plan for improved emotional and spiritual health.
— Anastasia Agramonte


Establish team core values, establish individual winning attributes and weaknesses,
professional discussions leading to respectful and clear communication, solidify a team
relationship to move as one.

The specific techniques learned in this workshop will enable you and your team to be in
synergy at whatever task or goal ahead. The arsenal of resourceful techniques will instantly
benefit you and your immediate surroundings. You will leave with a crystal clear vision of
the trajectory ahead of you.