Technique Workshops

YOU MATTER. How you impact society is on YOU.

What happens when you truly put yourself first?

SELF-ish Lifestyle thrives on inspiring, motivating, and teaching individuals through specific practical techniques to implement and incorporate in their everyday life, leading them to discover and benefit from the elite version of themselves.

Most importantly, The objective

Today, we live in a stressful society that drives us to move fast and hard.

This work work work mentality leaves us anxious, exhausted, under pressure, and unappreciated resulting in a misaligned view of SELF.

Do you trust the voice inside your head?

Do you want to be able to work smarter?

Do you deserve a better quality of life?

Do you know the elite version of you?


The Divine Within

Rejuvenate | Review | Renew

The objective & course outline

1. Learn to discern and trust your intuition better.

2. Determine what a “Quality of Life” means to you.

3. Practice specific breath work to introduce a renewed, grounded and balanced energy.

4. Gain the ability to discern physiological differences when in stress or otherwise.

5. Implement practical coaching techniques in one’s life immediately.

6. Apply physical techniques to cultivate, move, and regulate Divine Qi/Energy.

7. Know your own unique energetic blueprint to honor and imprint in the community.

8. Leave as the Divine version of YOU.


F.A.C.E Technique

Focus | Align | Commit | Execute


Establish team core values, establish individual winning attributes and weaknesses, professional discussions leading to respectful and clear communication, solidify a team relationship to move as one.

The specific techniques learned in this workshop will enable you and your team to be in synergy at whatever task or goal ahead.

The arsenal of resourceful techniques will instantly benefit you and your immediate surroundings. You will leave with a crystal clear vision of the trajectory ahead of you.


Unfolding Psychic

Are you interested in how you can begin your journey beyond your five senses?


This workshop will breakdown the proper techniques to clearly receive divine guidance so that you can feel at home with your natural gifts of intuition.

Moving cultivated energy to go further into developing a deeper understanding of what we call sitting in the power.

Discussing nature therapy and numerology.

Understanding how to use Archangels Metatron, Raguel, Ariel, and Azrael and gain knowledge of their purpose.

Specific guided meditations to establish energy to connect deeper into a divine journey.

Practice card and aura readings.


Rise Goddess Rise

Awaken | Discover | Implement | The Goddess Within


“Power isn’t power until you learn how to use it.”

There will be plenty of gifts—both earthy and heavenly—from motivational practices, heartfelt experiences, and inspirational teachings. 

In this 2 hour workshop will include: exploration of the Goddess oracle cards and specific guided meditations to bless each energy center. 

All workshop elements will allow you to learn:

  1. Which GODDESS you exemplify.

  2. How to channel the GODDESS within.

  3. Gain insight and messages from your Goddess self. 

  4. How to anchor the GODDESS energy.

  5. How to release and let go using the GODDESS energy.