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What should I expect for my session?

The moment you step foot into my space, you will feel a sense of ease. It is a safe environment where you can freely come as you, however/whatever state you are in. It is a peaceful dwelling to work solely on yourself and to dedicate an entire session just for your four bodies--mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness. The purpose of a session is to align and heal every aspect of your four bodies. I like to call my place the no judgement zone.   

Are you a fortune teller?

No, however I am a Spiritual Medium/Psychic who communicates in the realm of spirit. What I can do is demystify the messages your passed love ones, spirit guides and angels may be relaying to you. We would then be able to determine what it is that you need to know, see, feel, and hear so that you may achieve your best and highest self to pursue the necessary commitments you have given yourself. We explore the arsenal that you have in your disposal to dispel any negativity that may arise.

If you hypnotize me, will it be like what I see on television, carnivals, or shows?

No. I am trained in Ericksonian Hypnosis where the purpose is of the healing kind. Indirect Hypnosis' purpose is to allow you to navigate your own subconscious but with the Hypnotist as a guide to allow you deeper into exploration through suggestions and no commands are given. Read more on hypnosis from my offering page to see. 

Why do people see you?

If a client is emotionally, mentally, or spiritually block, I am able to guide towards another perspective and relay practical techniques to become unblocked. Clients who are bereft and grieving will greatly benefit from a mediumship reading. People also come to see me to understand the world of energy (science has proven that we emit energetic frequencies and that we also energetically respond to our surroundings) in addition to learning how to work with your own unique gifts. Your knowledge of your very own energetic frequency will be expanded so that you are better equipped to handle life situations. They may also come specifically for my coaching services that will allow them to FOCUS.ALIGN.COMMIT.EXECUTE to pursue the next phase or chapter in their life, whether it’s a new career, relationship, familial territory or self-development.  

Do I have to be in New Jersey to have a session?

Not at all! Skype and over the phone sessions are available and provides the same experience. What I do request is that the entire hour be dedicated in a quiet space.  

When should I come see you?

Clients come to see me when they are STUCK. They have exhausted their personal resources to achieve their best state that may be in the form of physical exercise, healthy eating, mental clarity or spiritual cleansing but something is still missing. Something that they can’t quite pinpoint on their own. That is where I come in to aid and guide you to come back to a balanced state.

How does a session work?

It all depends on what it is you need. The first 10 minutes is usually where I align you energetically so that the session is of sound clarity to develop a sensible guideline to a great session.

How much are the sessions?

The first session is $85 for 45 minutes and $100 full hour. You will be able to record the entire session for your indefinite personal use. I do offer packages where you will receive 10 percent off a series of 5 sessions.