I have been seeing Krista for over three years. Starting in 2014, my life was a puzzle that I could not fit together and for some reason. There were just pieces missing that I somehow could not find.  My friend had suggested going to see her, for she had helped in many ways. I went there thinking I was going to get my fortune read, but ended up leaving with something completely different. Krista has helped me not only find these missing pieces, but open my heart to what I was really looking for in life and to whom I wanted to surround myself with. Taking on a whole new perspective to not only life, but love and friendship as well. The journey I have shared with Krista has been an emotional one to say the least, but I am delighted and pleased to say I am on the right path towards a happier and more honest life with the guidance of Krista and my beautiful guardian angles. Love you !! - will come and see you soon.


I would have never thought Krista would be one of the first people I now turn to for spiritual advice for my everyday life situations. She has guided me over the years to becoming a better, more confidentme! I was a bit skeptical at first but soon realized the more I learned and practiced what she taught me, the better my life became. I have learned so much from her about taking control of my life and how to get back on track in tough times where I may steer off my life path. I have recommended her to countless people over the years who never come back with less than amazing things to say about her and her beautiful gift she has helping people. She is a breath of fresh air and am so thankful she is in my world! 


When I first met with Krista, I was in a very negative place in my life and felt stuck in my career. I immediately felt connected to Krista when I met her. Her warm presence and positive personality make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Since meeting with Krista I have been able to connect with my spiritual guides and use the support of my angels. Krista has helped me visualize my goals and bring them into existence. Without her guidance and most importantly her friendship I don't know where I would be

- Danielle

I was raised in a Roman Catholic family and was pretty much taught not to believe in psychics. So you can only imagine how skeptical I was prior to my first reading. But I figured, I’d give it a try.  Two weeks before my reading, my close aunt passed away. She lived in the Philippines, so I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye. As soon as Krista and I sat down, she immediately said “someone is trying to get through me.” My first reaction was to laugh. I just couldn’t help it. Then she just kept saying “I see Betty Boop.” In that moment, that statement was so irrelevant to me. I didn’t understand it then. She described the person she was seeing and it seemed similar to my aunt. I then told her that my aunt recently passed away. She said my aunt was trying to connect with me, letting me know that she was okay, and that I didn’t have to worry. I immediately broke down in tears. My aunt and I were very close and I felt guilty not being there to say goodbye. It was a very emotional reading. I wasn’t fully convinced in that moment about her gift. I thought maybe she got lucky and figured out that I had a family member pass away. The following day I called my cousin, who is my aunt’s daughter. I told her my experience and I asked her if Betty Boop meant anything to her. She started to cry on the phone and shared with me that it was a nickname she called her mother, my aunt. From then on, I was most definitely convinced Krista has a gift. I go to her when I am in need of guidance or honestly just positive vibes. She has taught me to be aware of my energy and controlling it. I would highly recommend her. She’ll change your life!


The other day I read a post that stated “Surround yourself with people that get it”.  Now, a few years ago I wouldn’t have paid much attention to the meaning of this statement, but today, these are words I live by thanks to Krista.  Krista has been my hair stylist for a few years and we’ve always had conversations here and there about crystals, meditation, and just overall spirituality.  The first time I attended an angel reading I was undergoing a really tough time in my life and desperately needed some type of direction and assistance to move forward.  Not only did Krista guide me through my difficulties but she gave me the kind of comfort and relief that I so anxiously needed.   Her energy is so positive and her laughter is contagious.  She inspired me to buy my first book on kundalini chakras and angel healing and I’ve been practicing meditation ever since.  I have learned a lot about myself over the years and a lot of it is attributed to Krista. I have never felt more inspired and more in tune with my spirituality as I am today and for that I am thankful.

-Sunita R.

I had my cards read for the first time by Krista. I didn't know what to expect. It was truly inspiring. It made me open my eyes to the world I don't pay any attention too. I get so caught up in my own world sometimes, it made me realize my surroundings. She is amazing and made me feel better at a personal situation we had faced this past summer. I will be going back def. my husband who sat w me on the reading, who doesn't believe in any of this so called "stuff" also enjoyed it! I love knowing there are angels around us :) Thank you so much!


Speaking, Literary and Business Testimonials

"I attended Krista's F.A.C.E. Technique Workshop in early June. I went in expecting to learn a few yoga moves, but I left with so much more. I left feeling validated, honored and rejuvenated. Her raw, honest & vibrant energy coupled with the varied techniques kept the participants engaged, calm and motivated. Krista helped me to identify areas of weakness and her F.A.C.E. technique fostered a plan for me to take action even after the workshop. As a mental health provider, I would recommend you sign up for her service if you are looking for a holistic way to release internal tension and plan for improved emotional and spiritual health," - Anastacia A., LCSW


“Working with Krista was enlightening and fun. She has a way of inviting you into her space without the need to sell herself or our brand.” Mel, Kiehl’s GSP Manager

“We support everything Krista advocates. As one of our members/investors we graciously extend all our locations for her events and promotions.” Kathleen R., owner of Ani Ramen

“Krista’s core message and authentic lifestyle of being is aligned with our mission. We are more than happy to endorse her venture.” Matt B, Powerflow Yoga

“As a keynote speaker on Equal Pay Day 2017, representing our diverse and often challenged community of women of color, Krista's life choices exemplifies why, as individuals we must never let the light of purpose ever fade, or disconnect from our spirit of determination!”
 Elisa Charters, Latina Surge President

“From professional, emotional to spiritual, since I met Krista, I've been able to elevate to another level that allows me to spread the goodness I intend to. She makes the world a better place.”
 Gina Doost, Media Influencer, Blogger, and Writer


“Krista embodies an empowered Filipina in her daily life- from business, to spirituality, to family.”
  - Jon Caña, Production Coordinator, The Filipino Channel - ABS-CBN International


“In moving, unsparing prose, Krista shares the incredible, heroic journey of her life, and along the way turns her struggles into powerful lessons that can help anyone. Despite the unbelievable obstacles she's faced, Krista shows that it's possible not just to survive, but to thrive, so long as you never stop nurturing compassion.” Jeff Campbell, writing teacher, editor, and author ("Daisy to the Rescue")  

“Krista’s story takes the readers on a powerful and inspirational journey of the human spirit. It serves as a reminder of one’s indomitable courage to overcome tremendous personal obstacles. Yet, despite insurmountable odds, she chooses to live a life leading to overpowering triumph!” Roberto Mendez, M.A., Educational Administrator                                                                                        


“Krista Nerestant demonstrated her commitment to healing by going through her NLP COACH training with 100% of self-inquiry. Not only did she transform herself but each person with whom she worked benefitted from her caring and compassion.” Rachel Hott, PhD
Co-Director of The NLP Center of NY


“Krista helped me to see that as a school counselor in NYC, I need to clear my mind before tackling my day at work in order to work most effectively with my students. She gave me some practical techniques that I can use to prepare myself mentally while riding on my commuter bus so that I walk into school ready to be the best counselor I can be.”
Jessica White, School Counselor, NYC Department of Education


“Krista's journey is a powerful one. Her gorgeous voice outlines her journey from the most challenging circumstances through a gorgeous post traumatic growth. Her spirit soars and her sense of hope and healing is inspiring, uplifting and beautiful. Krista's capacity for forgiveness and her deep sense of love is what allows her manifestation of success. I am deeply grateful to have been able to read her story and to feel her radiance beaming from each page.” Peg Cafferty- Actress, Writer, Producer, Activist

“After reading Krista’s story, she proves that you can heal and manage PTSD. She provides the encouragement and motivational essence to look deep into yourself and conquer your darkest moments so that you may live a stable life.”

Danielle Pignatiello, MSW, LSW




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