Autumn Equinox & The SELF Workshop
3:00 PM15:00

Autumn Equinox & The SELF Workshop

Join me Sunday September 16th, 2018 at 3:00 p.m.
at Becomeone Wholeness, Lyndhurst New Jersey

To practice Earth Magic in a fun, intimate, personal setting dedicated to your individual needs for this Fall Equinox using the 4 elements—water, earth, fire, air.

A major elemental shift is happening and this workshop will prepare you mentally, emotionally, physically, & spiritually to ride the waves of energy.

Mother Earth invites you to join in the importance of Balance as she on this day is in alignment between equal hours of daylight & darkness.

The ending of the summer to transition into the fall.

We meet with our authentic selves. Not the one with the masks we don for every hat we wear. But the naked genuine soul that breathes life & drives the physical form—our body and mind.

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F.A.C.E Technique Workshop
1:00 PM13:00

F.A.C.E Technique Workshop

Focus | Align | Commit | Execute

The problem today is that we live in a stressful society driving us to move fast and hard leaving us anxious, exhausted, and under appreciated which leads to weak health. Join Krista Nerestant, CEO of Self-ishlifestyle Therapy, Certified Neuro Linguistic Life Coach, Medium and Intuitive Healer on her workshop to F.A.C.E your own unique situation to learn how to live an abundant life with a calm heart, and open mind.

You will receive:

✅ A guided meditation to ground and state your power

✅you will understand what happens to you physiologically when stress.

✅practical coaching techniques to use for yourself when in an anxious state.

✅Say good riddance to negativity and learn to cultivate brand new resourceful energy.

✅learn the art of specific movements to drive energy.

✅Special gifts from our lovely sponsors: Kiel’s, Selfcare Tuesday’s, Salon Crimson, Ani Ramen Flipbox, and many more!

$65 ($55 for a group of 2 or more)

Special Promo for PFY members and staff

register at to Krista Nerestant

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Join Self-ish Lifestyle & Powerflow Yoga
8:00 PM20:00

Join Self-ish Lifestyle & Powerflow Yoga

Join us on Saturday, May 19, at Montclair State University from 8am to 9pm to raise money for the Life is Good Kids Foundation. This non-profit charity organization is committed to helping more than 1 million children every year to overcome the traumas of poverty, violence, and illness. Come together and spread the power of optimism through yoga, charity, community, and retail therapy!

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