Qi Therapy Essex County

Wellness expert and life coach Krista Nerestant has helped hundreds of clients unveil their true potential and use it to the best of their capacity. Through her business Self-ish Lifestyle, she has helped so many people succeed and excel through life coaching and QI therapy in Essex County.

What is Qi?

Qi therapy is a Chinese therapy used to prevent and cure disease by improving strength, immunity, and human potentiality. It helps by improving the overall quality of life by reducing chronic pain and enhancing mood swings. QI therapy is particularly useful in helping the elderly to cope with pain and mood imbalances.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, QI is an energy form that acts as the driving force behind the existence of every organic and inorganic life form on the planet. QI therapy aims to bring about a balance in your qi which is crucial to maintain a healthy physical and mental state. Krista can help you to balance your QI deficiency or lack of energy through her therapy. With a balanced qi, you can live a healthy, pain-free, and fulfilling life.

Coaches vs. Psychotherapists

Every person, at some point, may need advice, help, or suggestions from a trained and certified therapist or life coach. However, a life coach offers different services from a therapist. Here are some of the significant differences between coaching and psychotherapy:

  • Psychotherapists treat mental illnesses and disorders, while coaches cannot treat mental health problems. Psychotherapists treat conditions like depression, anxiety, ADHD, OCD, bipolar, etc. Life coaches offer valuable guidance and tips on how to get ahead in personal and professional life by overcoming challenges.

  • Coaching sessions focus on establishing goals and developing a strategy to achieve those goals, while psychotherapy involves investigating memories and experiences to understand the root cause of current behaviors.

  • Psychotherapy focuses on healing you from a traumatic past while coaching focuses on helping you achieve a certain goal in the future.

Insurance companies generally offer coverage for psychotherapy sessions for a mental health disorder, but not for coaching, since it doesn't treat any ailments. Krista Nerestant offers unsurpassed QI therapy in Essex County at affordable prices.

What are the services offered by a life coach?

Life coaches are certified professionals that can offer valuable guidance and advice to help you achieve your goals. Your goals can be anything from career, education, and emotional stability to quitting smoking, weight loss, and relationship struggles. Life coaches work with you to help you understand your strengths and weakness along with helping you to achieve clarity in personal, profession, and life goals. Krista Nerestant offers life coaching sessions in the following areas:

  • Career growth and development

  • Health-related problems

  • Personal and relationship struggles

  • Stress management, etc.

A life coach can help you analyze and find your true potential and motivate you to use it to your advantage. Krista is a certified Neuro-Linguistic life coach and hypnotist that can help you attain wellness and mindfulness. Call Self-ish Lifestyle for more information on QI therapy in Essex County.