Mediums in Newark NJ

Krista Nerestant is one of the very few gifted mediums in Newark, NJ. At Self-ish Lifestyle, Krista offers life coaching, QI therapy, hypnosis therapy, and psychic readings to help you understand your true potential.

How can a Psychic help you?

Psychics are individuals with gifted talents that can read your energies and help you harness your true potential. Psychics read your auras or energy fields and chakras to assist you in using them to your advantage. There are seven chakras in a person’s body that moderate the inflow and outflow of energies. If a chakra is blocked, it affects the free flow of energy and leads to illnesses and emotional imbalances. A psychic reads your energy flows through these chakras and helps in removing energy blocks, if any, to improve wellness.

Furthermore, a psychic can help you get rid of your negative energy and help you develop mental focus and peace of mind. Krista is one of the gifted psychics and mediums in Newark, NJ, with an innate understanding of nature therapy and numerology.

What is a psychic power?

A psychic is someone who can perceive information through extrasensory perception. Psychic powers can also mean the ability to read and feel vibrations that surround a person. Some psychics possess the power to hear voices, see visuals by holding your hands or by looking into your eyes. A psychic medium can help you align with your inner self and with the energy of your spirit. Krista Nerestant can speak to and receive information from spirit guides, angels, and archangels to help you overcome challenges and achieve personal growth.

A psychic can release negativity from your life and help you harness creativity. Visiting a psychic can help you feel empowered and equip you with tools to make an informed decision.

Different types of psychic senses

A medium is someone with special psychic abilities. Some of these abilities include seeing spirits, experiencing visions from the spirit world, etc. Some psychics have the gift of clairvoyance where they have the unique ability to see things and people that do not have a physical presence. While some clairvoyant medium sees people through their third eye; some extremely gifted psychics see these spirits in actual physical bodies.

Some psychics possess the gift of clairaudience. They can hear individual voices and thoughts of spirits. Sometimes people have messages sent to them from their deceased parents, children, and partner to help them overcome the pain and grief to healing from the trauma. A clairaudient psychic helps pass on such vital messages from the beyond to their clients. Psychics with the gift of clairsentience possess the ability to feel sensations from spirits and understand what they want to communicate. In this case, psychics feel the exact emotions or pain felt by a spirit before their death.

Krista is one of the highly talented mediums in Newark, NJ. Her readings have helped her clients to harness their strengths and innate abilities to achieve excellence. Call Self-ish Lifestyle today to book an appointment.