Life Coach Newark

To live a happy and fulfilling life, you need a healthy state of mind. At Self-ish Lifestyle, Krista helps her clients attain peace of mind through life coaching sessions. Krista is a certified and trained life coach in Newark.

What is the role of a life coach?

A life coach offers valuable advice to live a fulfilling and happier life. A session with a life coach can help you define goals and identify the obstacles in achieving those goals. Furthermore, a life coach can help you plan effective strategies and develop unique skills to lead a successful professional and personal life. A life coach can motivate you to work on your strengths and overcome weaknesses for a long-lasting change.

Individuals who have had a recent traumatic experience often seek the help of a life coach for change. Sometimes a life coach can help individuals out of rehab to stay focused on sobriety and to stay away from triggers. A life coach can also offer valuable advice to mend trust issues and solve relationship troubles. Ultimately a life coach's role is to help you gain a fresh, and informed perspective on various aspects of life to foster personal, emotional, and professional growth.

How is a life coach different from a therapist?

A therapist will conduct tests and assessments on you to arrive at a diagnosis on your condition while a life coach will not attempt to determine your illnesses and pathologies. Therapists try to get an in-depth understanding of your past to establish a relevant connection with your current actions and behaviors.

A life coach will focus on your current problems and concerns and offer valuable guidance to help you overcome challenges. While Psychiatric medicine focuses on finding the reason behind behavioral patterns, a life coach focuses on developing effective strategies to work toward a goal. Nevertheless, both therapist and life coaches work with clients to bring positive changes in an individual’s thoughts and behaviors. Krista is a highly sought-after life coach in Newark who has played a pivotal role in helping her clients attain personal growth and professional success.

How often should you see a life coach?

A life coach will work with you to understand your challenges in personal and professional front and help you develop clear and realizable goals. To help you develop emotional balance and positive outlook on life, it can take anywhere from 5 – 8 life coaching sessions to reap best results. We recommend life coaching sessions once every two weeks to make the most out of your takeaway from each session.

Take time to analyze how life coaching sessions have enriched your life, enhanced performance, and improved mindfulness. This will help you to decide as to how often you need to meet with a life coach.

Do you feel engulfed by stress and anxiety! Meet with Krista for a session of QI Therapy, life coaching, or hypnosis and feel the stress drift away. She is a top-rated life coach in Newark, call Self-ish Lifestyle for details.