Hypnotist Newark

Krista Nerestant from Self-ish Lifestyle is a leading hypnotist in Newark with psychic gifts. She is also a certified neuro-linguistic programming life coach who can help you develop emotional stability and a positive outlook on life.

Can a person be hypnotized?

Anyone with an average level of intelligence, concentration, and a good imagination are excellent subjects for hypnosis. Studies state that as much as 30% of adults are hypnotizable, while 25% are resistant to hypnosis. Children especially are easily hypnotizable.

Hypnosis is a state of mind where you are in a trance-like state, which is a state of highest focus and concentration. However, if hypnosis works on you, you will get rid of negative perceptions, habits, thoughts, and feelings that are deeply rooted in your subconscious mind. Hypnosis can alter such negative behaviors to yield positive and desirable results.

Application of Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a kind of psychotherapy that is used to alter negative behaviors and habits to yield desirable results. With the help of hypnosis, you can change your perceptions and block awareness of pain. Hypnosis works in two ways - suggestion therapy and patient analysis.

  • Suggestion therapy: Positive and healthy suggestions are instilled in the subconscious part of your brain to cause a positive change in behavior. Through suggestion therapy, it is possible to change perceptions and sensations.

  • Patient Analysis: Hypnosis can be used to examine the underlying psychological causes of a mental disorder or illness. Using hypnosis, your doctor will try to find out past traumatic events that you may have buried in your subconscious memory.

Krista Nerestant is an accomplished hypnotist in Newark that offers suggestion therapy and patient analysis at affordable prices. She is also a life coach that can help you develop a positive take on life.

Is it dangerous to be hypnotized?

It is entirely safe if you are getting hypnotized by a certified and trained professional. However, we don't recommend hypnosis as a tool for treating severe physical or mental illnesses. Instead, you must see it as a complementary medical treatment to condition the mind to adopt healthy suggestions to a better lifestyle.

Hypnosis is not suitable for individuals with severe mental illnesses. Some of the rare reactions to hypnosis include headaches, drowsiness, and the creation of false memories. Hypnosis is not a suitable treatment option to overcome grief or traumatic experiences as such an attempt can cause strong emotions and lead to the creation of false memories.

Benefits of hypnosis

Hypnotic can prove highly beneficial in the treatment of a variety of conditions like sleep disorders, stress, depression, and phobias. This is because hypnosis causes a state of trance, allowing the subject to concentrate and reciprocate any suggestion coming from the expert. Hypnosis can condition the brain to adopt healthy eating habits, lifestyle choices, and helps in relaxation of mind and body.

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