Krista Nerestant is an inspirational speaker and ceo of Self-ish Lifestyle where she serves as a Spiritual medium and teacher to demystify the world of spirit and convey the messages your emotional and spiritual body may be relaying. her mission is to not only fulfill what her clients may want out of a session but to also provide whatever they need—soul evolution. The additional modalities as a Neuro Linguistic life Coach and Hypnotist allows her to better guide the four bodies—mental, emotional, physical, spiritual— into balance and alignment.

"My psychic gifts first revealed themselves to me at the young age of seven. Like most, I hid them very well through rational thinking and objectivity. As the years passed, the visions and feelings intensified through every experience, leading me to finally accept my gifts-it was time to nurture them, instead of hiding them”

(F)ocus. (A)lign. (C)ommit. (E)xecute

F.A.C.E. any situation by Focusing your mind, aligning the spirit, Commit to your self-development, and Execute specific techniques with the highest and best energy you have now attained after the session. You will leave with an expanded awareness of your(SELF) and the world around you.     

"I am passionate about my mission to inspire, motivate, and teach individuals practical & intuitive techniques to implement in their everyday life to live their best life." 

She hosts a podcast, www.selfcaretuesdays.com dedicated to Empower.Encourage.Elevate your self-care journey. A board of member of Save the Essex, Latina Surge, MFONJ, member of Writers Circle and Montclair Write Group, Story Circle Network, and Women Who Writes. She is currently writing a book set for publication mid 2019 about The hidden gifts of Traumas. You are invited  to join her on her many platforms and live a SELF-ish Lifestyle.