Today is 9/9/9..what does it all mean?

The blaring sequence of 999 does exactly what it needs to do. Light a fire under your ass, and alarm you into attention which leaves you to ponder and reflect--what, where, and how is my life at this exact moment.

9 alone means a completion of a cycle, journey, chapter, while 99 sends the message of starting on your journey of soul expansion and 999 is the aggressive exclamation that the universe is no longer asking and validating your journey but for you to finish and come full circle. No more excuses, procrastinations and self sabotage. If this number has been blatantly surrounding you at the moment, this is a way for your angel, guides, universe, to communicate a direct message.

  • It might have been an idea you had 3 years ago that you started but after a bit of work life got in the way and the momentum slowed way down and now its back to being an idea burrowed in recess of your brain while the mundane is in the forefront.
  • It could be a relationship that needed to be severed yet we hold on as if living in the matrix and being asleep is the better way to live.
  • Or, it could be accepting the gift of the next level, whether a personal, career or soul journey so that we can finally move on to the next shift.

In my case, this is about my book that I started writing seriously about 2 years ago and am halfway done but alas, I haven't written another page of  progress since this past spring. I do have a lot in my plate, with a 15month old, running my business, Salon Crimson, and launching my spiritual company Self-ish LIfestyle (excuses much?) lol! But 999 is the siren that's assaulting all my senses to continue and finish what I have started. It leaves me in a cocoon of emotional and rational energy to pursue and get going with my higher purpose. Every single one of us has a purpose that makes our heart chakra sing (the only meridian point in our body to connect both heaven and sky) until we decide and listen with a balance energy (yin and yang) only then can we dive in and emerge as a brighter and lighter being to emanate positivity unto the atmosphere.

So today, on 9/9/9(2016) breathe, reflect, and accept. The universal energy is of a driven nature in the midst of mercury retrograde and the upcoming autumn solstice (the day when the earth and the cosmos are aligned to create metaphorical doorway that supports your journey)  So go like there's a fire under your ass and we'll celebrate on September 22 (autumn solstice) at the self-ishlifestyle launch party!

Blessings and Love,
Krista Nerestant