How To Be Happy Alone; The Three Questions That Get You There

Your perception becomes your reality. I adhere to this philosophy so I take responsibility of co-creating my reality. I choose to be happy.


How is it that two siblings who grew up in the same household under an alcoholic father took very different paths in life—one being an alcoholic, the other commiting to a sober lifestyle. The power of individual Perception is the answer. Make a decision—choose happy.

Question # 1

Happiness is a term that is subjective to every human being. So the first thing you need to ask and establish within yourself is, “What does happiness means to me?

For me, happiness equals being grateful and vice versa. If I am happy then I’m grateful and if I’m grateful then I am happy. By saying, thank you for this moment of adversity, because now I can do something about it, is a powerful tool that opens creative avenues in how I can positively respond to life experiences. Then happiness in my present moment comes into existence.

Question # 2

The second question is, “How can I be happy right now?”

Did you know that happiness is an instinct within yourself? It needs to be tapped into, activated and continuously exercised.

My instant happiness technique is to smile and affirm—my perception becomes my reality. I am happy, I feel happy, and happiness is my birthright. Do not underestimate the power of a smile because it my very own creation. I make myself smile, no one else.

Question # 3

Third question, “How do I maintain this state of happiness?”

This is not a passive technique, this requires you to practice happiness daily, much like exercising muscle group. Once you’ve done it enough times, it will become the muscle’s memory to get back into it quickly. Choose happy.

Meditation is my highway to happiness. To begin, I require time out of my day to a stillness and be in a place where I cannot be disturb. I gently close my eyes and take a deep breath in, following the breath as it travels throughout my body. The sensations of relaxation, peace and harmony, brings me to the present moment and I smile, knowing that focusing on being happy is my goal. Then exhale it all out saying thank you for this very moment of clarity. I do this two more times and tap into what happiness is to me. What that looks, feel, and be like.

To me, the choice to meditate, exercise, and doing what I love—teaching individuals to be in their power is the key to being happy alone.

Happiness is an instinctive resource, much like courage, faith, confidence, bravery. When we condition ourselves to be in these resourceful state of being, then the habit of being positively productive becomes the habit we exercised. The brain doesn’t know what’s real or fake, we send data to the brain through our feelings. We tell the brain what to perceive and so it becomes the reality. That is the power of taking responsibility and accountability of your way of life.

Happiness doesn’t mean I bypass the ugliness that may be surrounding me. But being happy allows me to perceive a better way to tackle the challenge. A resourceful respond from a state of power and not from the victim mode.

Now that you have established what and how happiness looks and feels to you, notice the subtle shifts in your life. Does food suddenly taste better? How about your outlook of the world? Are colors slightly brighter and clearer? The journey of changing your inner world to impact your outside world is the gift of life. You are the center of your universe. If you are rocked by the ongoings outside of yourself, then ask, where is my self-care practice of happiness at? If we let the outside world dictate how we should feel inside, then we are in trouble and happiness will always be an elusive destination when it should naturally be our home. Now go be happy alone!