I no longer hate you. I will love you instead. The viciousness of hate weighs too

heavy to carry.        

Clambering and tripping through the darkness of anger hurts only me. 

Not another second, minute, hour, or day should be wasted.        

So I’ve decided to love you instead.

Not for you but for me. 

Though I barely recognized its essence, love knew me.

It's the tiny speck of light made me smile, so I let it be.

The warmth of joy illuminated in and around me.

Inviting me to continue my journey to heal so I let it be.

Love knew me.

I followed and with every determined step,

the heavy baggage of the past disappeared.

The bright colors and energy of Life—my life—embraced me.

The decision to be at peace was not taken lightly.

I need, want, and should be here in reality.

Love knew me.

It patiently waited and never gave up on me.    

Flickering its light towards me.

It asked me to dance and touched my heart.

Unearthing all I have forgotten-that is Self-Love.

I love me. I am worthy. I am enough.

My heart sighed in relief, ready to love, be loved and give love.

So I send you to love instead.

It's empowering and contagious energy cannot be contained.

I cannot hate you, I have to love you instead.

I let you go happily.

Godspeed, Au revoire, Goodbye.

I’ll wait for you on this side instead.

I invite you on this journey always.

To see the speck of light through the darkness.

It has and will always shine deep inside of you.

Whenever you're ready—Your (Self) love awaits.

Krista N