Falling In Love with Mercury

The ruler of communication, Mercury, goes direct today! On Jan 8th at 1:43 am PT and 4:43 am ET, the planet’s orbit finally reaches a point where it begins to move in the same direction as earth. However, since December 19, it had been in Retrograde (a backward path) and has caused a steady unsettling of the usual status quo.
The universal energy bulldozed you into submission and did not bother with coercion. So there was nothing left to do but to watch the movie created by your past actions and decisions of the recent 4 to 6 months.  

//For those who tripped, stumbled, and fell on the discovery of this cosmic occurrence, this is my cliff notes of the event.//

Recall a time when you were sitting peacefully in a car at a semi empty parking lot. These quiet moments were a rarity so you took a couple more minutes and indulged. You absently gazed out of your window when you suddenly feel the car moving. The unexpected sensations of reversal movements took over your once relaxed state.

The first milliseconds filled you with confusion.

  • Why am I moving?
  • What’s happening?
  • How is this happening?

Your foot furiously cemented itself on the brakes and your flailing arms begged to grip the unmoving steering wheel for safety.

By the time you realized it was the neighboring car, you've found yourself holding on for dear life in a PARKED CAR!


                                                 That is what a Mercury Retrograde feels like and it happens 3-4 times a year!

For me, kicking and screaming were the initial reactions. Might have even squeezed in a couple of punches, but alas, the celestial current was unaffected by my child-like antics.

//Even with the help of my straightforward knowledge of this cosmic event, certain retrogrades has affected me more than others.//



This recent retrograde commenced on my 35th birthday (ominous enough? no wonder my inner child was reactive.) However, I willed myself to settle down through my understanding of its purpose, (reboot and upgrade of self) and humored a dalliance with Mercury.

The how to' S IN dancing  with Mercury... LET HIM LEAD..

Take advantage! Retrograde is not a time to begin something new. Instead, it is a time of RE’s: re-flect, re-negotiate, re-treat, re-decorate, re-evaluate, re-make, re-do, etc.



Inhale very slowly through your nose, hold it, and exhale out of your mouth even slower. Maybe take another breath or two.

Now get as comfortable as you can and watch your movie. Grab some popcorn and relax. You might even enjoy the plot and twists of your life each time you review the scenes. Either way, the sequel’s success ultimately depends on you.

Take your time and study the lessons.

Mercury is very specific on which aspect of your life needs re-evaluating. The astrological sign it is on determines the storyline.

//He began his journey on the sign of Capricorn (deals with material ambitions, logic, work, rational purpose, practicality, earthly needs) and ends on Sagittarius (deals with spirituality, intuition, divine purpose and passion.)//

Anxiety heightens at this point especially when you haven’t checked in on yourself lately. Questions, doubts, and insecurities rise like a rogue wave and at times all you can do is watch as it gets higher and higher. However, there’s a way to dispel these catastrophic sensations...

//A couple of questions needs to be asked//

Are you professionally satisfied?

Are both your logical (left brain) and creative (right brain) selves working together in balance?

Are you doing enough? Are you doing too much?

Is the path to your goal focused or too broad?

What value/energy do you have towards money? Is it healthy?

Are your surroundings--people, energies, and activities--beneficial to your growth?                

//Have you finished watching your movie? To say that this was an insignificant challenge was a colossal understatement. The cringe worthy scenes and “fuck it” moments were plentiful enough for me to press pause. Nonetheless, the goal was continued growth so I pushed the play button, and even rewinded a couple of awkward performances.//



Fall in love with Mercury (Retrogrades).

The clarity and focus I was rewarded with at the end, led me to the specific steps and ideas to move further along in achieving my work oriented goal as a medium, therapist, and writer.
It is not a coincidence that I am busiest during these times as a medium and coach. The bombardment of sudden therapy sessions are the result of this cosmic event AND the need to balance myself and others (mind, body, spirit) swiftly is imperative. The success of this process ensures my ability to serve and guide my clients (even myself) to a structured path to wellness. Now it's time to put in the work!

Right here...