Nature Therapy

In the beginning (2012) of opening myself to a holistic therapy lifestyle, I was guided to learn about crystals to help me become more grounded and to understand the benefits of what mother nature can instantly do for me and in turn help others in their personal journey.

After suffering a debilitating neck pain to which multiple doctors and an MRI showed a herniated disk from my c4 to c7 which only could have been caused by a high impact injury such as a car accident-never experienced such an incident, left me worried and anxious due to not being able to do my work at the salon. When I was told by a doctor to add an epidural regimen that would have left me incapacitated for 24 hours each time alarmed me to a DEAD stop and rethink the route of my therapy. Is this it? This is my best option? Maybe western medicine wasn't the way to go. Do not get me wrong, I love my doctors but there had to be a better way. A path where my body and mind can sinuously agree and mingle in the beautiful dance that was life. So I sought the holistic route. If multiple doctors couldn't figure out why my vertebrae weren't in sync even after an MRI, then it was time for another opinion.


I was referred by a friend to Jody who does etheric body energy scanning--sort of like Reiki or qi-- she told me that my body is communicating (more like aggressively screaming) that I have been ignoring my spirit (in my world, there are three parts of you: Mind, Body, and Spirit.)

My rational mind gladly accepted that there wasn't a third counterpart but my body was fighting back furiously to wake me up even if it was through PAIN. When the power of three is not aligned, you suffer. Lesson learned I started to explore the Spiritual world that took me away from my materialistic and superficial reality of the tangible--work, money, and daily fillers of instant gratifications from commercial services and even family and friends.

For most of my life, I was on overdrive. 80% ego driven 10% body and 10% spirit. Miss-aligned much?

I became a mother to my 4 siblings at 16 when our mother, Eva passed away in 1996 and took custody of my 2 younger brothers at 20 years old. Needless to say, my life was driven by the ego workaholic archetype. Never took the time to have a self-care regimen but instead pushed the pedal to the metal to rapidly gain and receive the material necessities that I thought were most important. Goals with deadlines were written and achieved and life was great! But my body suffered: multiple ectopic pregnancies, pinch nerves, body spasms, etc. Needless to say, the suggestion of an epidural regimen woke me up from my alpha ego state and started to consider the other two aspects of me. 

Then Came Mother Nature

Crystals are high energy vibration minerals that are easily accessible and affordable. It is an organism which holds etheric energy and in fact alive. Just as what plants do for the earth, the crystals sole purpose is to align and raise your frequency to the energy that needs be. Trees and plants literally take in poison and transmute it back into the atmosphere as oxygen-that is their sole purpose. The elements (crystals, plants, water, earth, air, fire, etc) the only job on this earthly plane is to balance nature and we HUMAN Beings are of nature. They are alive, send them love and your worries and they will take care of it all. Again this is what they are here for.

I myself have a mini forest in my home that clears the space of any negative or stagnant energy. The larger the leaves the better it is for clearing. In the beginning, I had to care for them constantly but over time they pretty much take care of themselves. I barely water them now. Seriously like once a month rather than two to three times like before. The plants in my salon, however, where there are multiple energies at the same time, from clients and staff, that I do have to care for them often. Since I started carrying crystals at the salon, the frequency and vibrational energy of the space also heightened which aids to have everyone be in a better state instantly. Crystals and gemstones are also a permanent fixture in my home to balance out the energy.  In fact, when my 16-month-old had a fever and was overwhelmed with pain as she experienced her two-year-old molars coming through, I would just take her either to the backyard or at my bay window if the weather isn't cooperating and she'd quickly calm right down (children are very intuitive).

Certain crystals have certain uses but the most common crystal to have in your arsenal is the Amethyst (purification, spirituality, protection), rose quartz (heart chakra, love, faith and hope), and clear quartz (energizing, amplifier and purification) and selenite (crown and 3rd eye chakra, angel realm). These crystals work so well together and complement each other to balance out all that is not. For high-stress places and occupations, black tourmaline (grounding, purification, balances all chakras) is the IT stone. Most of the time crystal therapy works instantly in grounding you but just like anything worthy, overtime use will heal deeper issues that caused you to be unstable in the first place.

On that Note, I leave you with this-

Not everyone takes advantage of what is free, available, and in essence an abundance that surrounds us all. We take it all for granted and rather mask our energy imbalance through materialistic avenues or ignoring the signs by accepting that this is life. GUILTY. It is normal. Make money and spend money but when the pull of your soul forces you take a closer look, the ease and longing for self-therapy can no longer be ignored. The first step is to take the leap and start to take advantage of what mother nature beautifully offers-Air, earth, fire, and water. Each element has a certain purpose so a deeper knowledge is needed but don't be discouraged,  there are so many available resources so take action, listen and feel your own energy/vibration/frequency and let Mother Gaia take care of you. I wish you the best in your journey. Share Love, Positivity, and Peace always. With love-Krista N

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