Coming out of the spiritual closet

Coming out of the spiritual closet, after 18 years, in the world of beauty and superficiality is hard enough. But a new challenge surfaced in its judgmental snarl — threatening my authenticity in this newfound world.

Where the hell does it say, that for you to be a psychic or energy reader, it requires you to alter your appearance? Do I have to suddenly look like a turban wearing hippie who smokes a little too much ganja? Or even a nomad gypsy prepared to reveal the crystal ball hidden under her colorful billowing skirt?

Which box do I belong, when I don’t fit into any of these categories? Could it be the Lululemon wearing yogis? The peace loving, no war sects? Or the crystal ball holding psychics? I got one for you, how about none.

When I was in my beginning stages of entertaining my uncanny gifts, in 2013, I fought an inward battle that questioned my sanity.

“Fuck! Do I need to be institutionalized?” however my rational self, answered back confidently — “No. you’re not the first psychic. Get over yourself.”

Yes. I know how this all sounds. Is this bitch crazy? Am I? The fact is, I’ve been seeing and feeling ghosts since I was seven years old. But as I got older, my experiences with the spirit world intensified too and three years ago, I made a decision to take control of whatever this is—a gift or a curse.  At 30 years old, I found myself in a fetal position surrounded by my 60 pound blue-eyed husky and ten pound Yorkshire terrier paralyzed in fear, after dealing with a belligerent entity. Now I don’t care who you are—dead or alive—but you don’t mess with my love ones, specially my four legged babies!

The moment I got home, I obsessed on finding someone that can help me understand this crazy part of me. Better yet, help me tame and control it. In order to do so, I had to find someone that worked with good vibes and teach me to eliminate the bad ones. I’ve been surrounded by light and dark my entire life and haven’t gone wrong by choosing the positive route.

 After hours, staring jarringly at the insensitive computer screen — mocking me each time I typed into the search engine — positive psychic, readings, therapy, etc. I found my way to a blog page that recommended “the psychic pathway” by Sonia Choquette. I immediately connected.

Sonia bases her work on Archangels (celestial energy beings that works for God and you — angels of higher ranks like Gabriel, Michael and Raphael interestingly enough, have been mentioned throughout history in many texts and religions but are non-denominational) This made the good little Catholic girl in me flourish but also washed away the dogma of religion.

Continuing my path in the alignment of angels, I discovered this world renowned Angel Therapist — Doreen Virtue PHD and confidently swam in the world of angels and energy work: Crystal therapy, Intuitive Energy healing, Past life regressions, and the metaphysical world of Sacred Geometry.

 A year into the world of energy, I had about the same amount of confidence as an under school grad. Reluctantly, I came out. First to my intimate family and friends, but even they bombarded me with statements; “Wait you’re talking to dead people and angels? You’re freaking me out.” Or my favorite, “Are you gonna be all zen and not care about your appearance or money now?"

Thank God, my first training was on accepting my gifts, creating boundaries, and shielding my etheric self. It was a constant battle. Though my warrior archetype allowed me to stand my ground and grow through their judgmental remarks and not revert back to my alpha aggressive east coast self.

Fear might have creeped out of its dark abyss to choke out my newfound spiritual freedom but Salon Crimson, my business in New Jersey, flourished even more. I began to introduce and service my clients with angel readings to incorporate into their self-care regimen.

Three years later, I am fully out and created my own holistic macrocosm, Self-ish Lifestyle. Here to show you, that in order to be the best version of yourself, you need to be slightly selfish in all the right ways. I am the genuine angel medium, who curses just enough, with the “tough love” attitude coaching-style and fashionable Qigong Therapist to send you on your way to soul expansion.

I send you the highest vibration of love and energy and I hope that I’ve empowered and encourage you somehow to come out of the closet. Whatever closet that may be. Let’s work!